So friends ask me – how do I get into doing sweepstakes, well this will hopefully get you on your way to winning.

First off, like anything on the internet, be cautious, lots of scammers out there, try to stick to trusted sweepstakes sites. slickdeals.net has a great forum where experienced sweepstakes people are. New sweepstakes are posted all the time, and bad/bogus sweepstakes are removed pretty quickly. Spend some time lurking, and learn the rules. But for the most part a very friendly community, and it’s where I got my start.

Use an email account just for sweeps. You will get sent marketing emails from many companies, best to keep it separate.

Use lastpass (or some other password manager) – you should be using a password manager anyways, this one also fills forms for you. (note some sweepstakes say you can’t use automated methods)
I also suggest assigning a hot key to your form fill, I use ALT-Z. So most any form will get filled out simply hitting two keys that are easy to hit.

Don’t give up, sometimes I go 6+ months without winning anything, I mean not even a water bottle. In 2018 so far I have won a $3500 gaming PC, a $400 motherboard, and a $130 PC case, and some small wins like waterbottles, sunglasses.

The more you enter, the more chances to win. I spend 30-60 minutes a day doing them. Mostly depends on how many I am currently doing, and how hard I am working at them.

Use Folders in your book marks toolbar. I use Firefox, so I can click a folder and open 10-15 or so sweepstakes by simply clicking “open all in tabs.”

Other ways to find sweepstakes.. Google is your friend. Say you want to win an iPad, google “ipad sweepstakes” and/or “ipad giveaway” – then after hitting search, click Tools, and set a date for example “last month” – you don’t want to see sweepstakes from 2 years ago that have ended. Note using google opens you up to more chances of being scammed.

I also search twitter for: gleam.io Gleam is a popular one now for tech companies, streamers, etc.

Always remember YOU WILL NEVER have to give someone money/etc to win!!! If you do, no matter how good it sounds, walk away.
NEVER EVER send your social security number through email. Faxing is okay, or a secure email system like Zixcorp/Mimecast etc.
Many companies are now using DocuSign for sweepstakes, this is a legit site many companies use for secure documentation.
Federal law is any win over $600 should be claimed on taxes, some companies will make you sign documentation/tax stuff before giving the prize!

Some other sites I use:


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